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Candidate Management

Manage the entire recruitment process quickly and simply using our innovative candidate management system. You can easily move candidates along each stage of the process, if you would like to shortlist, interview or hire by dragging and dropping their card into the next stage. If you feel the candidate is not suitable or does not meet your needs, you can reject at the click of a button. Candidates are informed of their progress so there is no need to answer lots of emails from agents or candidates asking what their status is.

Crew Board CV

We have put our years of recruitment experience to figure out how design the best CV for the yachting industry. When candidates let us know their details, we are able to turn this information into an awesome CV. This is useful for a number of reasons as it allows candidates to have a great CV to use wherever they wish and also gives employers the ability to find out what they need to know quickly and easily. This saves significant time and frustration as usually all CV’s are written in a unique format with information in different places. The Crew Board CV is designed to be super efficient and also look great!

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Candidate Dashboard

The candidate dashboard is designed to make it easy for crew to manage their applications and also see the latest job suggestions made for them based on their preferences and experience. Candidates can find out if a position has been filled, if they were rejected or if they have progressed to the shortlist or interview stage.

Employer Dashboard

Do you find it frustrating having to always explain a position to crew agents over and over? Our listing management means that you will only need to let us know once and we will save it for next time. You can archive positions once they have been filled and re-list with one click if you are looking again. If you are hiring for more than one position, you can manage applications all in one convenient place.

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Job Search

If you would like to scroll through our jobs, our search is simple to use and can be filtered to find exactly what you are looking for. Our listing contain all of the information that you need to know when applying for a position so there is no need chase up a recruiter and ask for more details on a position. From an employers perspective, the listings are kept vague to protect the identity of the yacht hiring as we believe this is very important.