Yacht Jobs

There are three departments onboard any super yacht, each of which manages different areas to ensure the smooth running of the vessel.

The Deck department

The Deck department is in charge of navigation on the ship and also makes sure that the exterior of the yacht is in pristine condition. They also help charter guests by setting up water toys for use and operate the tenders to ferry guests between the yacht and wherever they would like to go.

Roles include:

The Engineering department

The Engineering department is responsible for all aspects of the safe mechanical and electrical running of the ship. They will undertake any repairs and maintenance that is required, and will also help guests operate entertainment systems onboard.

Roles include:

The Interior department

The Interior department ensures that the interior of the yacht is spotless and also make sure that guests have an unforgettable experience. The Chef works in unison with service stewards or stewardesses to prepare and serve a Michelin quality dining experience. They may also have a purser to look after the yacht’s finances.

Roles include: