Captain Yacht Jobs

The Captain is ultimately responsible for the entire yacht, it’s crew and the guests on board. It is an all-encompassing role that covers everything from administration to operations and safety.

They are, generally speaking, individuals with a huge amount of experience and training on maritime vessels.


Depending on the size of the vessel and the owner’s requirements, the responsibility of a Captain can be quite unique. Nonetheless, the responsibilities listed below are generally true across most yacht Captain jobs.

  • Regular communication with the yacht owner
  • Regular communication with the department heads such as the Chief Engineer or First Officer
  • Crew recruitment and dismiss crew when necessary
  • The navigation of the vessel
  • Managing operations, maintenance, and repairs


  • Necessary qualifications
  • Multiple years of experience and training
  • Vast knowledge of a wide range of areas
  • Knowledge of maritime law
  • Strong, charismatic personality
  • Leadership, communication and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to manage, appraise and improve the skills of crew
  • Administrative and budgeting skills
  • Good understanding or experience in yacht engineering

How much does a Captain earn?

The salary of a yacht Captain depends on the size and type of vessel, the responsibilities involved, their personal skills and experiences, and the budget of the owner. However, salaries for a Captain tend to start at around 5000 EUR per month for smaller vessels and increase from there based on the factors above.

Qualifications Required

Yacht Captains generally work their way up from the bottom, gaining qualifications as they go. The vast majority of yachts in the industry operate on a Master 3000GT license and some smaller yachts on a Master 500GT license. The largest yachts in the world will require a commercial Master Unlimited which is generally attained through years in the merchant navy. Depending on their requirements and whether they are private or commercial, some yachts may require the following:

  • Chief Officer Unlimited
  • Master 500 GT
  • Chief Mate 3000 GT
  • OOW unlimited
  • OOW 3000 GT
  • OOW 500GT/ Master 200GT
  • Yachtmaster Ocean
  • Yachtmaster Offshore

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