Steward or Stewardess Jobs

For a steward(ess), everything is about presentation.

As part of the yacht’s interior crew, the stewardess helps with the care and maintenance of the boat’s interior. Working under the Chief Steward(ess), it is their job to ensure guests have an incredible experience by keeping the appearance of guest areas in immaculate condition, along with providing vital onboard services.

This covers everything from cleaning rooms to bartending and waiting on as part of a silver service. With hospitality such a key part of the role, stews are naturally enthusiastic and people-friendly with excellent presentation and attention to detail. A steward(ess) will also care for crew areas too.

The Chief Steward(ess) is ultimately responsible for the presentation and maintenance of the interior. It is their task to manage the stew team on a daily basis – checking all interior services are covered and completed. The Chief Steward(ess) also has a guest-facing role to ensure all food, drink and entertainment requirements are catered for.


  • Arranging and executing rotas
  • Training junior members
  • Accounting and keeping stock of interior inventory
  • Housekeeping of the yacht’s interior, including guest and crew quarters
  • Guest care, such as laundry, food and drink, and valet services if required
  • Hospitality and bartending
  • Assist yacht exterior crew when required


  • Necessary qualifications
  • Enthusiastic with a good attitude for helping out where needed
  • Friendly and well-presented
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent housekeeping, service and event management skills are essential for senior crew
  • Personnel management and leadership skills are also essential for senior crew
  • Prior guest-facing experience in bars, hotels, and luxury resorts is highly beneficial for junior crew

How much does a Steward(ess) earn?

A Chief Steward(ess) typically earns up to 7000 EUR a month, given the extra levels of responsibility and experience required. Entry level stewards and stewardesses start at around 2000 EUR a month.


A steward(ess) may not need formal qualifications depending on which superyacht they are employed. However, in order to get ahead in the industry, they will likely have to follow the GUEST courses. Some yachts now require the GUEST CoC and there are a range of relevant courses associated with this to be properly trained. The WSET courses also assist in developing expert knowledge about wines and spirits.

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