Third Officer Yacht Jobs

Larger yachts with an expanded crew often employ a Third Officer (sometimes called a Third Mate) to assist with the duties set by the Chief and Second Officers.

Typically the Third Officer will have slightly less experience than the senior staff above them, and as such they will be looking to continually learn and familiarise themselves with all areas of yacht operations, from deck maintenance to engineering and even safety procedures. Third Officers will often have experience working as Bosuns or Deckhands, and they’ll be expanding on the technical skills gained in these positions whilst advancing their knowledge of yacht management.


  • Assist with the implementation of all deck operations and maintenance
  • Assist with the administration of the ship and crew
  • Gain experience with all ship operations and systems
  • Undertake bridge watch whilst at sea
  • Assist with the management of deck crew


  • Necessary qualifications required, including Officer of the Watch (OOW)
  • Growing knowledge of maritime law
  • Good knowledge and experience of all deck operations and maintenance
  • Good knowledge of onboard health and safety procedures
  • Bridge management skills
  • Personnel management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Delegation and communication skills
  • Growing understanding of engineering operations

How much does a Third Officer earn?

Third Officer’s generally earn upwards of 3000 EUR a month, depending on experience.


A Third Officer onboard most yachts will require a OOW 3000GT. The largest yachts in the world will require a commercial Officer of the Watch Unlimited gained through service in the merchant fleet. Other yachts may require the following:

  • OOW 500GT/ Master 200GT
  • Yachtmaster Ocean
  • Yachtmaster Offshore

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